Office Of The Cadet Executive Officer

Hey guys,

You have now entered the holy of holys..the Office of the Executive Officer.

The Support Staff are the peeps who really make encampment work, and I am the guy who makes them work. I expect you to work hard for me, and in turn I will work hard to help you get your stuff done. If you need help with anything ask me, but dont expect help if you dont ask.

Callsign: "Cat-herder" (dont ask)

About me:
I am 6' 4" tall
Skinny as a beanpole (but don't underestimate my strength)
I love to fly. Soloed at NFA 16-Jul-09 in N4981G. I am very close to getting my license.
I have been in CAP for 4 years, all at the best squadron in the nation: NC-082
This is the 3rd Encampment that I have staffed, so I know how they go.

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